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Friday, September 10, 2010

waaaa...!!! new DIGITAL...!!! Syok..!! Mau Beli..!! Tp x de duet lg le...

NEW Version : X-Version Keychain camera
More function
More lomo tone
More dark corner
Self-portrait mirror on the front
4 colors to choose from

Mode : Bimo , Yellow , Light Brown,Vivid and Noise mode = total 5 modes !



CMOS Sensor : 1/2.7 inch 1.95MP CMOS Sensor (Effective Pixel: 1.92MP / Total Pixel :1.95MP)

Built-in Memory : 2.5MB Free Memory
Card Device Support : microSD Card (MAximum for 2GB) * free !

Storage Format : Still - JPEG Exif 2.1 Standard / Video - AVI

Photo Resolution : 1280 x 1200 Pixel

Video Resolution : 320 x 240 Pixel (8fps / Motion JPEG)

Lens : Fixed Focus / 1G + 2P, F3.1, 6.5mm (35mm equivalent 39.5mm)

Focus Distance : Macro 15~50cm / Standard 1m~infinity

Shutter Speed : Electronic 1/6 ~ 1/50 sec.

Exposure : Auto

ISO Sensitive : Auto


Yellow Mode casts a yellow tint and creates a vintage photo effect. With its muted tones, it produces the nostalgic feel and classic look of film.

Vivid Mode increases the saturation of images. As the name suggests, it is capable of producing rich and vivid colours. Perfect for self-portraits as it helps to bring out the natural radiance of skin tones.

Unlike the Yellow Mode, the Light Brown Mode creates a sepia effect. Colours are subdued and desaturated to achieve a retro feel and timeless mood.

Bimo Mode injects a subtle bluish tint in pictures while maintaining the original colour of the subjects. Hence, images appear cooler in general but unique in its way. Also a recommended mode for self-portraits.

Noise mode greatly increases colour contrast, hence creating impact and producing dynamic images. Expect only the unexpected as every snapshot is a surprise.
Sample photos :

At last....!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

weeeee!!! finally..!! de film arrived...!
gonna use it 4 eid..!!
Expired FUJIfilm PRO 400

Latest news..!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

akirnye jmpe jgk expired film...
aq bli dri The *Click* Shop....
Resit pmbelian le..

jom join LomoKaki &  The *Click* Shop

skang aq mo bli plak waterproof toy cam..........
waaa... aq suda ketagih le.... cmne nie????